Imagine a racking system that not only requires no bolts or rivets but also makes the job easier and faster. The A-CLIP ANODIZING RACK SYSTEM is that system.

Consisting of the A-Clip (available in two sizes and three styles) and a Sequel Model 486B Spine, racking parts with the A-Clip System is very easy. Simply secure the spine vertically in a vise or similar fixture and drop on a large 1″ A-Clip. Place the part in the notches and drop on a 1/2″ A-Clip. Continue racking as many parts as the spine will hold. Above the top part drop on another 1″ A-Clip, then slightly flex the spine to secure the parts with a tight friction fit.

Unracking the parts is even easier! Just secure the spine horizontally in the fixture and flex slightly. The parts fall free from the clips.

Model A-1 A-Clip

Model A-1V A-Clip

Model A-1D A-Clip

Model A-1X A-Clip

Model A-1XV A-Clip

Model A-1XD A-Clip

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