Disc Collar, Bracket

Disc Collar

191 Disc Collars

Hole Styles:
DS1 (.25″ x .75″), DS3 (.75″ Round), DS4 (.875″ Round),
DS8 (.375″ x 1″), DS11 (.25″ x 1″)

Material: 6061 AL

The Sequel Model 191 Disc Collar makes setup much easier than using Disc Brackets. The Disc Collar is bolted to a Sequel Disc using two 1/4-20 bolts (not included). Another 1/4-20 bolt is used on the side as a set screw. Adjust the Disc to the required location and tighten the set screw to securely hold Disc to the spine.

Vertical space is saved by using one Collar with two Discs. In this situtation, 1/2″ long bolts should be used to attach the Discs to the Collar.

Disc Bracket

Disc Bracket

Material: .187″ 6063 AL, .063″ TI

Use for attaching Discs to Spine
(2 required per Disc)

The Sequel 192 Disc Bracket is used in pairs to attach a Sequel
Disc to the Spine. The Sequel Angle Bracket is designed to be used with Sequel Discs having Hole Styles DS1, DS2, and DS8.