Tube Clips

Sequel Tube Clips are designed to fit tubes from .75″ to 2″ i.d.

Single-sided Tube Clips have double holes allowing them to be bolted to a spine and then bent down as required.

Double-sided Tube Clips are supplied without holes allowing them to be drilled and then bolted or riveted to a spine as needed.

Sequel Tube Clip Assemblies feature double-sided Tube Clips securely spot-welded to the spine. Available in 36″ and 48″ spine lengths (including the hook), these assemblies are designed to hold up to 48 tubes. Specify straight or angled clips.

Number of Tubes Racked per Assembly

I.D.of Tube 36″ Asm  48″ Asm
1.0″ 32 48
1.25″ 24 38
1.5″ 20 30
1.75″ 20 30
2.0″ 16 22
2.0″ 16 22

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