Discs Holes

Sequel Discs are available in 6061-T6 Aluminum or CP Titanium. The sequel offers a wide variety of finger styles, which are shown in the title bar above. Depending on the Disc, there may be one or more form styles offered. Sequel Discs are available with holes for various size square or rectangular spines (use with Disc Collars or Disc Brackets) or round spines (use with Disc Collars)

Disc Holes Style

Hole Style Hole Shape Description Recommended Spine
DS1 .25″ x .75″ with .50″ dia. Model 478
DS2 .50″ x 1″ Model 486B*
DS3 .75″ dia. NA
DS4 .875″ dia. NA
DS5 312″ x .75″ with .50″ dia. Model 478
DS6 1″ x 1″ NA
DS7 .75″ x 2″ NA
DS8 .375″ x 1″ Model 486B
DS9 .625″ x .625″ Model 474
DS10 .75″ x .75″ Model 475
DS11 .25″ x 1″ with .50″ dia. Model 485B