The sequel offers single pin-group Pin Racks in 2-Way, 4-Way, and 6-Way styles. Unless otherwise noted, Sequel Pin Racks have 6.5″ pins. The standard Sequel Pin Rack is uncoated, allowing for easy recycling. Selected Pin Racks are also stocked in vinyl-coated versions or available on a special order basis. Notched Pins, 9″ Pins and 90° turned spine hooks are also available – please call for information on special order Pin racks.

How to Read Pin Rack Numbers

A. Indicates the style of Pin Rack. Pin Racks are available in 2-Way, 4-Way or 6-Way configurations.

B. Indicates the TOTAL number of pins used to make the Pin Rack. In the example shown above the Pin Rack has 60 pins which make a total of 120 tips.

C. Indicates the diameter of the pin used: 1 =.125″, 2 =.156″, 3 = .187″, 4 = .25″, 6 = .144″.

The example above shows above the pin diameter is .156″.

D. Indicates the “Pin Spacing” (the center-to-center distance between the top pin and the second pin on the same side. In the example shown above the Pin Spacing is .75″

E. Indicates the “Group Spacing” (the center-to-center distance between the second pin and the third pin on the same side). If the distance is the same as the Pin Spacing there is no Group Spacing. In the example above the Group Spacing is 1″.

F. Indicates an optional pin variation. N = Notched, S = 9″ long pin

Multi Pin-Group Numbering

Sequel also offers Pin Racks with multi pin-groups. The numbering for these Pin Racks is similar to our standard 2-Way, 4-Way, or 6-Way numbering (shown above) with the exception of the Pin Group Style designation (“P” as shown in the diagram to the left). The choices are 2 Pin, 3 Pin, or 4 Pin Groups, referenced as 2P, 3P, or 4P.

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